How to use own personalised email address with

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In this article we learn how to use our personalised email e.g. in In our approach we assume that you already have another gmail account, say After you finish the setting described bellow you will be able to use both emails under single gmail account.

There are two ways an email is used:

  1. receiving emails
  2. sending emails

Receiving emails

Setting up personalised emails to be received in has surprisingly nothing to do in itself. This magic must be done where your domain is hosted. The best option is the set an email forwarding from to Please consult this with your domain hosting provider.

Sending emails

All you need is to add as another "Send mail as" account. Then, when you compose a new message you can simply choose the "From" email of your choice. Just click on "From" field and a list of registered personalised emails is shown.

This is how you set it all up:

  1. click on Settings icon (top right corner in gmail)
  2. click on Settings menu item
  3. click on Accounts and Import tab
  4. scroll to section Send mail as:
  5. click on Add another email address link
  6. new window will open. There you enter your name and the personalised email
  7. keep the Treat as an alias box checked on
  8. click on Next Step

Now the tricky part starts. You must specify a server used for sending your emails. Typically it would be a google's server but Google has added lately new security which makes it difficult.

You have two options now:

a. allow access for "less secure apps". Follow google how to do it
Then use as SMTP server and your gmail username and password.

b. Use your own SMTP server. If you have own custom email other then gmail then you might have a hosting with it. With hosting there usually go also email accounts and associated SMPT server. Ask you hosting provider to get one for you.

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